Download the latest release version of the JETT library from


To use the JETT library, place the jett-core jar in your classpath.

The following libraries are also required to exist on your classpath:

The JETT library does rely on JUnit 4.8.2, but only for JUnit test cases when building through Maven.

If you are using Maven 2+, then you may place the following dependency in your pom.xml. Since 0.3.0, JETT has been available in the Maven 2 Central Repository.


Building from source

It is possible to build JETT directly from its source code, if the latest unreleased changes are needed. Use a Subversion client to get the source code and Apache Maven to build it. Here are the steps:

  1. Get the latest JETT source code from Sourceforge Subversion using the following command:
    svn co jett
  2. Run the following Maven command to build JETT and install it into the local repository:
    mvn clean install