The Hyperlink Tag

During transformation, Excel Hyperlinks may be created using the "hyperlink" tag. This tag must be used in the bodiless form. When processed, the "hyperlink" tag creates a new Excel Hyperlink in the Cell.


  • The "hyperlink" tag supports all base tag attributes.
  • type: String Optional. This describes the type of the hyperlink, which means the type of the target address. These are the possible values:
    • url This is a link to a web address. This is the default.
    • email This is an email link.
    • file This is a link to open a local file. The address is a pathname.
    • doc This is a document link. The address is a cell reference.
  • address: String Required. The destination address for the link.
  • value: Object Required. The contents of the Cell that make up the newly created hyperlink. Rich Text String formatting is respected.


This example contains Hyperlinks of all four types, in order: url, email, file, and doc. The "doc" link contains a cell reference to the "Target Sheet", cell B3. The HyperlinkData objects used here are not necessary, nor are they built-in objects to JETT. Any Expression and any objects may be used in the attributes.

Type Address Label
url JETT on SourceForge
email Email jett-users
file ../templates/HyperlinkTagTemplate.xlsx Template For This Test (.xlsx)
doc 'Target Sheet'!B3 Intra-spreadsheet Link

Here is the template.

Hyperlinks Template

Here is the other sheet, "Target Sheet".

Target Sheet Template

After transformation, 4 hyperlinks have been created.

Hyperlinks Result

When the viewer clicks on the "document" link, labelled "Intra-spreadsheet Link", then the "Target Sheet" is shown, with the target cell selected.

Target Sheet Result